60 seconds to save an hour

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. For me this is particularly so with keyboard shortcuts. They have become so much a part of my workflow that I often forget which menu the commands come from when I try to show someone with the mouse. To help people get started with some […]

Intro to using Google maps and saving places

I recently helped one of my grade 2 teachers use Google maps to show where all of the kids in her class were from. Following are the instructions for creating and saving a map in google maps, adding locations, and then sharing the map with parents or on your blog. You can click on an […]

iPad Lesson Plan – Using Mentimeter in the 2nd grade classroom

This week I am working with second grade students to create basic bar graphs / charts, using the free website Mentimeter – www.mentimeter.com Mentimeter is a free website that allows you to create great looking graphs which are created in real time as people answer your question. The graph below was created by a second grader […]

Printing Multiple Documents in Google Docs

Ever have to print multiple documents in Google Docs and wish that there was a faster way? Well there is, this is a simple workaround to help you be more productive when printing from Google docs. Because there is a step involving converting to a PDF some formatting may be affected, but for the most […]

Posting to Blogger via Email

Posting to Blogger is a very easy process, but how great would it be if you could simply email directly to your blog? And what about if you’re sending the same post to multiple blogs, this could really save you a heap of time and switching between accounts. If you want detailed instructions to set […]

iPad Storage and Charging

The following are some helpful tips I recently sent out to the staff in our primary school regarding charging and storage of classroom iPads. Charging: avoid charging the iPads every day, recharge when they drop below 10%. It is not necessary to keep the iPads fully charged all the time. The iPads have a battery […]

Automatically making your Goals and Strengths Sheets

With Strengths and Goals coming up, this blog post describes a method that you can use to automatically create a Strengths and Goals document for each student in your class. I have shared the documents that you need in the 2nd grade shared folder under Strengths and Goals. This process requires using a document template […]

Importing contacts using a CSV file

I was busy this evening and sorted out the parent contact spreadsheets so that they are easier to input into google contacts. I was very excited to be able to use a double spreadsheet to do this, it was like I was competing in the nerd olympics.Moving along though, if you look in the folder […]

Attaching documents quickly into Gmail online

Just like you can drag and drop files directly into Google Docs, it is also possible to drag and drop attachments into emails. In general it is probably easier to simply share documents using Google Docs, however there will always be times when you want to send out attachments such as when you are emailing […]

An easy way to upload to google docs.

As I have been traveling around to different teachers in our team, we have discovered some great ways to make uploading documents to google docs much easier. In particular we found that it can be as simple as dragging and dropping your files straight into the collection (folder) that you have opened, even if it’s […]