Sharing Student Made iBooks from the iPad

Using apps like Book Creator is a great way to get kids creating their own content, but it is not always easy to share these home to parents. To help out with this I am sharing the method I use with my classes, incorporating Google Drive and a simple link sent home to parents. The […]

Starting out with Digital Citizenship in the early years

As we come back to school and start out with our respective technology programs, a very important part of that program is to ensure that we cover digital citizenship. My school has a 1:1 iPad program from 1st grade onwards, so our first lessons with the students are really focused on that digital citizenship piece. […]

Adding multiple events to Google Calendar using a spreadsheet

Adding individual events to a Google Calendar can be annoying and time consuming. But there’s a super easy way! Using a simple spreadsheet in the form of a CSV file you can upload as many events at one time into any of the calendars that you manage.  There is one big warning! Be careful when […]

The Awesome Fast Report Starter Spreadsheet!

It’s that time of year again when teachers need to write reports. When I was in the classroom I always had trouble getting started, so I created the “Awesome Fast Report Starter Spreadsheet” Click here to get a copy of the “Awesome Fast Report Starter Spreadsheet” It uses just a few basic functions to compile […]

Streaming School Events – How Google Hangouts saved the day!

Today we had a great story telling performance at school, but it almost didn’t happen because we couldn’t have all of the classes attend. So by using some Google Magic, we set up a Google Hangout on Air. Hooray for a Google Win! Google Hangouts on Air allow you to live stream a google hangout […]

Wordle on the iPad!

As a tech coach I have been asked many times if there’s a Wordle iPad app. At the moment there is no official Wordle iPad app, but there are a few options out there, and one in particular that I have been using at school. Cloudart – 99ยข      Cloud Art is a great […]

Helping Kids Get Started with Minecraft

School is back in full swing, and so are lots of Minecraft and Minecraft Edu servers. In my situation we are predominantly using Minecraft in after school activities, but looking at ways that we can integrate it into the curriculum. If you are interested in doing more with Minecraft at your school I highly recommend […]

Installing fonts in 60 Seconds

I had some teachers that I work with ask me about finding and installing fonts. I put together this short 60 second tutorial to explain the process and thought it might be useful to other people who may come across my blog.

iPad models for the future – 1:1? BYOD? What’s your position?

When it comes to 1:1 programs with iPads and other tablets there are a number of ways to go. The school can buy and manage them all, it can be school bought and parent managed, or entirely the responsibility of the parent. In my current situation our school owns and manages our classroom iPads. It […]