Making the ultimate WANTED poster using Google Slides.

Recently as part of a social studies unit we had class I was asked to help create “Wanted” posters. Given our students have used Googles Slides for many projects this year we decided to create the posters using this tool. As a point of difference we used a custom slide size so that we could […]

Create a Simple Digital Portfolio using this Google Slides Template

Student led conference can be a stressful time trying to get student work together in one place, providing a structure for presenting the work as well as making it look reasonable. That’s why I set up this very simple Google Slides template. These are the main advantages that I see for using a system like […]

Helpful tips for embedding documents in Blogger – Docs, Slides, PDFs

Embedding documents into Blogger is not always completely straightforward, particularly when you want to embed a PDF, so I made a set of 5 videos to help out with this very issue. From embedding Google Docs & Slides, to PDFs. I also made a couple of videos to explain how to adjust the  width and […]

Make Things Move Magically with Reverse Video

Students love video effects on the iPad, and this one is a great effect to make it look like you can magically move things with your thoughts. It is super simple and uses the free app “Reverse Vid” following is a very short video which explains to students how to do this on their iPad. […]

Bringing the fun back to school

With an increasing focus on data, and pure academic achievement, fun is often pushed aside to get through more material. I’m personally concerned that many people overlook the amazing levels of engagement that come along with fun, and the opportunities to teach students almost without them knowing they’re learning. And more than this, when learning […]

Publishing Books Using Google Slides

There are many ways to publish digitally, and recently I have been looking for a method that uses common tools students are familiar with, is easy to embed in a blog, and looks great. The solution that I settled on… Google Slides There’s nothing too revolutionary about using slides to publish books, however it is […]

iPad Bootcamp Presentation

The iPad summit at ISKL has been a great event. Following is a copy of the presentation I used during my iPad bootcamp, it could be helpful if you’re running training or would just like some tips yourself.

Make a free iPad stand using only cardboard – great for Stop Motion

Having a stable iPad stand is one of the most important tools you need for making Stop Motion videos, and is also super handy for lots of other occasions. Here is a super quick video which will show you how to make your own iPad stand using only cardboard, and a couple of minutes of […]

Making the cheapest & easiest DIY iPad Stylus

I’ve been using drawing apps with my kids at school recently, and wanted to give them the chance to draw with a stylus rather than their fingers. I ended up making a super cheap and easy Stylus for the iPad using just a pencil and some foil. It was really that simple, all you need […]

Getting started with Scratch Jr on the iPad

Recently MIT released Scratch Jr for the iPad, which is a great platform to introduce younger students to the ideas behind Scratch, which is widely used in upper elementary and middle school for game creation and so much more. For the week of Code, I am using Scratch Jr in our lower elementary classes and […]