Flat Stanley Aventure Story

A short time ago I posted about creating Choose Your Own Adventure stories using Google Slides, you can view that here. It is such a simple project, but one that is so engaging and fun for students. After introducing this to some of my colleagues, one teacher asked if we could do the same style […]

The ABC’s of Anything – Handy book template for any classroom

I was recently working with a class that was making ABC books, and decided to try and pimp out a Google Slide deck for the job. I’m really happy with the results, particularly the hyperlinked letters around the edge so you can jump to any letter, and the design overall. Uses for this slide deck […]

Intro to using Google maps and saving places

I recently helped one of my grade 2 teachers use Google maps to show where all of the kids in her class were from. Following are the instructions for creating and saving a map in google maps, adding locations, and then sharing the map with parents or on your blog. You can click on an […]

iPad Lesson Plan – Using Mentimeter in the 2nd grade classroom

This week I am working with second grade students to create basic bar graphs / charts, using the free website Mentimeter – www.mentimeter.com Mentimeter is a free website that allows you to create great looking graphs which are created in real time as people answer your question. The graph below was created by a second grader […]