Getting started with Stop Motion on the iPad

Stop motion is one of the most rewarding and fun creative outlets the iPad provides. There are super simple apps to use and the effects are great. I personally use Stop Motion HD from Cat Eater, here is a link to download it. Stop motion is a great way to get students to visualise their […]

Create a Simple Digital Portfolio using this Google Slides Template

Student led conference can be a stressful time trying to get student work together in one place, providing a structure for presenting the work as well as making it look reasonable. That’s why I set up this very simple Google Slides template. These are the main advantages that I see for using a system like […]

Make Things Move Magically with Reverse Video

Students love video effects on the iPad, and this one is a great effect to make it look like you can magically move things with your thoughts. It is super simple and uses the free app “Reverse Vid” following is a very short video which explains to students how to do this on their iPad. […]

iPad Bootcamp Presentation

The iPad summit at ISKL has been a great event. Following is a copy of the presentation I used during my iPad bootcamp, it could be helpful if you’re running training or would just like some tips yourself.

Make a free iPad stand using only cardboard – great for Stop Motion

Having a stable iPad stand is one of the most important tools you need for making Stop Motion videos, and is also super handy for lots of other occasions. Here is a super quick video which will show you how to make your own iPad stand using only cardboard, and a couple of minutes of […]

Making the cheapest & easiest DIY iPad Stylus

I’ve been using drawing apps with my kids at school recently, and wanted to give them the chance to draw with a stylus rather than their fingers. I ended up making a super cheap and easy Stylus for the iPad using just a pencil and some foil. It was really that simple, all you need […]

Sharing Student Made iBooks from the iPad

Using apps like Book Creator is a great way to get kids creating their own content, but it is not always easy to share these home to parents. To help out with this I am sharing the method I use with my classes, incorporating Google Drive and a simple link sent home to parents. The […]

Wordle on the iPad!

As a tech coach I have been asked many times if there’s a Wordle iPad app. At the moment there is no official Wordle iPad app, but there are a few options out there, and one in particular that I have been using at school. Cloudart – 99ยข      Cloud Art is a great […]

iPad Lesson Plan – Using Mentimeter in the 2nd grade classroom

This week I am working with second grade students to create basic bar graphs / charts, using the free website Mentimeter – Mentimeter is a free website that allows you to create great looking graphs which are created in real time as people answer your question. The graph below was created by a second grader […]

iPad Storage and Charging

The following are some helpful tips I recently sent out to the staff in our primary school regarding charging and storage of classroom iPads. Charging: avoid charging the iPads every day, recharge when they drop below 10%. It is not necessary to keep the iPads fully charged all the time. The iPads have a battery […]