launching – Building on #5minsfun

I started the 5 minutes for fun concept a few years ago, and shared it out using the hashtag #5mins4fun. It gained some traction along the way, but something was missing. That missing component was a resource teachers could use to get ideas for activities to run in their class, and hence the website […]

Getting started with Stop Motion on the iPad

Stop motion is one of the most rewarding and fun creative outlets the iPad provides. There are super simple apps to use and the effects are great. I personally use Stop Motion HD from Cat Eater, here is a link to download it. Stop motion is a great way to get students to visualise their […]

Make Things Move Magically with Reverse Video

Students love video effects on the iPad, and this one is a great effect to make it look like you can magically move things with your thoughts. It is super simple and uses the free app “Reverse Vid” following is a very short video which explains to students how to do this on their iPad. […]