Should you use, WordPress, Strikingly or Wix to setup a website?

This is a quick and simple comparison without going into hyper detail about every facet of each service. If you’re setting up a website for the first time, then the decision between these 3 services comes down to one question.

Do you want this to be an easy drag and drop process?

If the answer to this is yes, then choose Strikingly or Wix. Both of these website builders are basically the same, their pricing is basically the same, around $8 a year including registering your domain. Strikingly will let you set up 2 domains for this price whereas Six will give you only one.

Why did I choose WordPress?

So it seems that there’s actually not much choice required when setting up a website, so why then did I choose WordPress for my site?
The main reason I use WordPress is that I wanted to set up a number of websites, and I preferably wanted them hosted with the one company and account. I use Bluehost to do this and for around $13 a month (It’s $10 if you pay upfront for 3 years) I can host unlimited websites and domains with unlimited storage.
The other cost to me is of course the time I’ve had to take to learn how to customise my WordPress site and make it work the way I like it. But I’ve always been a bit of a tinkerer so I don’t mind playing around with it.

Are there free options?

If you don’t necessarily need your own domain, or are happy to have a strikingly or six domain (i.e. then there’s probably no reason to start spending $80-90 a year to have your own website. This is also a good way to try out those services, which you can customise with your own domain later on.

Is it really that simple?

I think it really is that simple. I spent hours looking through the details of all the plans, specs etc, but really I think that was a bit of a waste of time. You’re better off biting a bullet and signing up for something and getting your content on the web, rather than wasting time waiting for the perfect service to appear.
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