#PubPD – What a great way to run PD!

Last week I had the great pleasure of helping Carlos Galvez  run #PubPD in Shekou, China. The idea behind #PubPD has been developed by MapleSyrupEDU , you can check out their website here.

The idea behind #PubPD is to turn a Twitter chat into a real life chat. Essentially Carlos and I put the word out on Twitter that we would be meeting at a local restaurant where we had arranged some drink specials, and then on the night we all gathered together awaiting the onset of PubPD.

The night followed the following setup:

  1. Meeting up and introductions
  2. Discussion of 4 questions in the following format
    1. Get in a group, and discuss the question for 10 minutes
    2. take 5 minutes to tweet out with the PubPD hashtag the highlights of the discussion
  3. After the questions are finished, keep enjoying the company of new and old friends alike

It was a fantastic night, and a really great way to get informal PD and discussions going in your area. It was also a really great way to meet other educators in our home town. Check out the photos below where you can see the many many smiles generated that night.

If you want to get involved I would recommend getting in touch with MapleSyrupEDU , you can check out their website here, as they have templates for posters, slide decks and other things that you won’t have to organise alone if you ask for their help.

One final thank you to Carlos Galvez  who is an amazing educator, great friend and a giant ball of positive energy.

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