launching – Building on #5minsfun

I started the 5 minutes for fun concept a few years ago, and shared it out using the hashtag #5mins4fun. It gained some traction along the way, but something was missing. That missing component was a resource teachers could use to get ideas for activities to run in their class, and hence the website was born.

It has only just started so there’s not a lot on there at the moment, but two very important things are on there:

1. Download 5mins4fun activity cards

I have been working hard to produce a slide deck of activity cards that people can use as idea starters for 5mins4fun. At the moment there are just over 40 activities, and I have more on the way. Hopefully this will be a great way to get people started with 5mins4fun. Click here to go to the download page.

2. Add your ideas to #5mins4fun

I would love to add your ideas to the #5mins4fun activity cards, if you would like to add an idea all you need is a name for the activity and some simple instructions. Please click on this link to add an idea.

Champions of #5mins4fun

Thank you to these champions of #5mins4fun below, they love to tweet out what they’re up to and have added ideas that have become part of the activity cards.

Shaun Kirkwood @ShaunyK Australia
Brittany Morgan @BrittM0rgan China
Rachel Smith  @lancslassrach Isle of Man – UK
Emily Bevington  @MsEmily_class Thailand
Liz Cho  @Cho_liz Korea
Dave Sheppard @mr_shep63 China
Geoff Derry  @gderry China
Jose O’Donovan @Mr_ODonovan Malaysia
Michael Black @Mistermdblack Singapore



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