Should you use, WordPress, Strikingly or Wix to setup a website?

This is a quick and simple comparison without going into hyper detail about every facet of each service. If you’re setting up a website for the first time, then the decision between these 3 services comes down to one question. Do you want this to be an easy drag and drop process? If the answer […]

#PubPD – What a great way to run PD!

Last week I had the great pleasure of helping Carlos Galvez  run #PubPD in Shekou, China. The idea behind #PubPD has been developed by MapleSyrupEDU , you can check out their website here. The idea behind #PubPD is to turn a Twitter chat into a real life chat. Essentially Carlos and I put the word out […]

Create Photo & Video Slideshows on the iPad

There is no way in the standard photos app on the iPad or iPhone to create a slideshow as you would do on a Mac which can be very frustrating. But now there is a simple app that will do it all for you. The Quik App (owned by GoPro) is amazing for the number […]

launching – Building on #5minsfun

I started the 5 minutes for fun concept a few years ago, and shared it out using the hashtag #5mins4fun. It gained some traction along the way, but something was missing. That missing component was a resource teachers could use to get ideas for activities to run in their class, and hence the website […]

Flat Stanley Aventure Story

A short time ago I posted about creating Choose Your Own Adventure stories using Google Slides, you can view that here. It is such a simple project, but one that is so engaging and fun for students. After introducing this to some of my colleagues, one teacher asked if we could do the same style […]

The ABC’s of Anything – Handy book template for any classroom

I was recently working with a class that was making ABC books, and decided to try and pimp out a Google Slide deck for the job. I’m really happy with the results, particularly the hyperlinked letters around the edge so you can jump to any letter, and the design overall. Uses for this slide deck […]

Getting started with Stop Motion on the iPad

Stop motion is one of the most rewarding and fun creative outlets the iPad provides. There are super simple apps to use and the effects are great. I personally use Stop Motion HD from Cat Eater, here is a link to download it. Stop motion is a great way to get students to visualise their […]